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Scrap Electric Motor Recycling Machine

Scrap Electric Motor Recycling Machine

Machine Function:

Scrap Electric Motor Recycling Machine designed for scrap copper recycling; it is very convenient to pull out copper from motor stators.

Easy operation, saving power consumption. Three function in one, cutting copper wire, grab copper wire from small stators, pull copper wire from big stators.


Motor stator processing range: 40-550mm.

Raw material: Motor stators of household appliances, such as refrigerator, cold drink machine, air conditioner, air fan, air dehumidifier etc.  washing machine, electric iron, dust collector, electric cooker, microwave oven, electric oven, electric hair drier, television, radio.


The final product of Scrap Electric Motor Recycling Machine is copper, iron and non-metal.


1. The Electric Stator Motor Recycling Machine is fully automatic, easy operation, high efficiency, saving labors. 

2. Magnetic separator consists of two roller separators, make sure the separation rate up to 98%; and the air separator make the copper more clean and high purity;

3. Pulse dust collector removes dust during production with high efficiency and good result, keep workshop clean and no secondary pollution.


Model Feeding motor inner diameter Power (kw) Weight (kg) External dimension (cm)
SYS 40-80mm 3 230 110*85*58
SYM 40-350mm 5.5 620 245*110*130
SYL 40-550mm 4 2300 210*120*180

Technical parameter