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Pulse dust collector

Pulse dust collector

It's suitable for purifying gas containing dust and recovering materials in plastic crushing and milling, metallurgy, building materials, cement, machinery, chemicals, electricity and light industries. 

Structural feature 

1. The use of the sub-room wind stop pulse spraying dust cleaning technology has overcome the shortcomings of conventional pulse and sub-room back blowing dust collectors, and have the following advantages, such as strong capacity of cleaning the dust, high efficiency of dust removal, low emission concentration, low air leakage rate, low energy consumption, less consumption of steel, less area, stable and reliable operation, good economic benefits. 

2. Due to the use of sub-room wind stop pulse spraying dust cleaning, the purpose of completely cleaning the dust can be achieved by spraying once, so that the cycle of dust cleaning is extended, energy consumption arising from dust cleaning is reduced, and the pressure consumption can be greatly reduced. At the same time, the fatigue level of the filter bag and pulse valve is correspondingly reduced, thus doubling the service life of the filter bag and valve. 

3. The bag is taken out from the top, and after taking out the framework when changing the bag, the dirty bag is put into the ash bucket at the lower part of the box, which will be removed from the manhole, thus improving the operating conditions for changing the bag. 

4. The box is designed with airtightness with good sealing performance, the check door uses excellent sealing material to inspect the kerosene leakage in the production process, and the air leakage rate is very low. 

5. The layout of inlet and outlet ducts is compact with small airflow resistance.

Technical parameter

Filtration area (m²) Dust concentration
Filtration velocity
Filtration air volume
SY-C-24-II 18 ≤15 2-4 2160-4320 120-150 99.5 1090*780*3667 1125
SY-C-36-II 27 3240-6480 1490*1078*3667 1485
SY-C-72-II 54 6480-12960 2690*1678*3667 1950
SY-C-96-II 72 8640-17280 3690*1678*3667 2400