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Foam briquette machine

Foam briquette machine

The foam briquette machine also called foam compressor. It adopts physical compression, no heating, no pollution, little noise, little power, and can be transported to any place freely. It compress the foam into blocks using a screw compression mechanism.According to the characteristics of the raw materials, the compression ratio can reach 30 to 40 times, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the volume of the foam, and facilitate the long-distance transportation and recycling granulation.

The principle of the foam briquette machine is to compress the foam into blocks using a screw compression mechanism. When in use, the operator only needs to put the foam block into the hopper. There is a shredding mechanism inside the machine to break the foam block, and then the spiral mechanism squeezes the small block of foam into a square compression block.

The input material

All of type of foam can be input into our machine.EPS/EPP/EPE foam and polyurethane foam, which are light in weight, large in volume, difficult in recovery and inconvenient in transportation are all suitable into our foam briquette machine.

The output product

Foam block after foam briquette machine is the final product.

The machine advantages:

1. Fully automatic control foam density, temperature, output

2. Reclaim waste and reduce waste disposal costs
3. Saving storage space and transportation and storage costs
4. The compacted EPS/EPP/EPE foam and polyurethane foam material is easy to reuse.
5. Easy to operate and save manpower and cost
6. Low operating and maintenance costs
7. The equipment runs smoothly, the noise is low and the performance-price ratio is high.

The technical specification

Size of output300*300mm400*400mm

Technical parameter