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Drum magnetic separator

Drum magnetic separator

Drum magnetic separator is suitable for separating materials different in magnetism. Magnetic separator is widely used in the mining industry, wood industry, kiln industry, chemical, food and other industries. For the mining industry, the magnetic separator is suitable for the wet or dry magnetic separation of the manganese ore, magnet ore, pyrrhotite ore, roasting ore, ferrotitanium ore, hematite-limonite ore and other materials with the particle size of 50mm below, and can be also used in the iron removal operations of coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials.

Structural feature 

Drum magnetic separator use high-performance permanent magnetic materials as magnetic sources to screen magnetic materials from materials in a dry and roller way, which is safe and reliable and have advantages of energy conservation, easy adjustment and maintenance etc.

Technical parameter

Model  magnetic roller Diameter of the magnetic roller Speed of the magnetic roller High magnetic induction strength Process the particle size of the material Power External dimension Weight
SY-C-600 600 300 40-200 8000-10000 0.5-20 0.9 950*920*1150 650
SY-C-800 800 300 1.1 1170*1450*1405 800
SY-C-1000 1000 400 1.5 1950*1800*1650 1100