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Air gravity separator

Air gravity separator

It is applicable to all kinds of metal and non-metallic separation, powder materials, granular materials and mixed materials, which are separated and sorted according to gravity, particle size or shape. It is used in grain selection and impurity removal, beneficiation, chemical engineering, waste wires copper and plastics sorting, waste circuit boards copper powder and resin powder sorting, separation and reuse of waste metal with specific gravity difference and waste plastics with specific gravity difference and other industries. 

Structural feature

1. By using the principle of air suspension, the equipment makes the materials with specific gravity difference suspend and stratify, and it can sort the materials with different specific gravity by fish scale shaped screen surface friction and material self weight angle flow.
2. The separation accuracy and fineness are high, the sorting range is wide, and the range of sorting can be adjusted arbitrarily between 50mm-200 meshes.
3. The sorting efficiency is high and the application range is wide.
4. The automatic air circulation is adopted, set sorting and collection in one, simple and compact structure, and it is equipped with pulse dust removal equipment to ensure that there is no dust overflow in the sorting process.
5. Long service life; easy to install and maintain.

Technical parameter

Model (m³/min)
Air volume (m3/min)
Vibrating frequency Screen material Screen fineness
External dimension
SY-C-400 805-1677 40-200 Stainless steel spiral weaving 15-200 0.75 600*1250*1650 520
SY-C-750 1688-3517 1.5 900*1650*1680 750
SY-C-1000 2664-5628 3 1200*1850*1680 1200