What should be paid attention to when buying an aluminum plastic recycling plant?

Pubdate: 2020-02-21

With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the intensification of environmental management measures, more and more environmentally friendly machinery is applied to various areas of life. Aluminum plastic recycling plant is a new type of environmentally friendly equipment, which has become a hot-selling product now. In the fiery sales, it is very necessary to choose a high-quality aluminum plastic recycling plant, so what should be paid attention to when buying an aluminum plastic recycling plant?

  1. The material of the aluminum plastic recycling plant. 

The aluminum plastic recycling plant is a large-scale mechanical equipment. The material used must be well qualified. The material used in the aluminum-plastic separator is one of the factors measuring the service life of the aluminum plastic recycling plant. The qualified aluminum plastic recycling plant generally uses Q245R steel, which has a thicker thickness and better corrosion resistance. So the aluminum plastic recycling plant is not easily damaged by external erosion.

  • The industrial craft of the aluminum plastic recycling plant.

The industrial craft of the aluminum plastic recycling plant directly affects the sorting and determines whether the equipment can pass the environmental assessment. At present, the qualified aluminum plastic recycling plant adopts the dry physical separation technology. Through dry crushing and physical separation, aluminum and plastic are separated in the end. Sure Origin’s aluminum plastic recycling plant equipped with a circulating water cooling device, which can effectively avoid the stickiness of materials and improve the purity of the separation. The purity of the separation can reach more than 99%.

  • The comprehensive after-sales service system.

The reliable aluminum plastic recycling plant manufacturers should have a comprehensive after-sales service system to provide the customers with technical support and guarantee of the quality. Sure Origin group has a professional team to provide professional installation and commissioning, and guide our customers to operate the aluminum plastic recycling machine correctly, so our customers can rest assured to use our machine and get profit from it.

Above are the factors should you pay attention to when you buy an aluminum plastic recycling plant, Sure Origin group has 17 years of experience in this field, our reputation has been spread many countries around the world. Welcome to contact with us.