Is there any pollution to separate aluminum and plastic from medical blister ?

Pubdate: 2020-02-27

Whether the aluminum-plastic separation is polluted depends on the selection of the separation method. If the separation method is not reasonable, pollution will occur. According to Sure Origin's investigation, there are currently two methods for separating aluminum and plastic, one of them is chemical separation, the other is medical blister recycling machine separation.

(1) Chemical separation.

The chemical separation method is adding a chemical solvent to the water container, and then washing the aluminum-plastic composite material to be separated into the container after rinsing with water. The heating device is started to raise the temperature of the treated liquid to 80℃-100 ℃. After 2 hours, the aluminum with a lower density floats on the water surface, and the plastic with a higher density will sink to the bottom of the water. The chemical separation method is relatively inefficient, the treatment capacity is small, and there will be a water pollution during this separation.

(2) Medical blister recycling machine separation.

This method of separating aluminum plastic from medical blister is achieved by using the medical blister recycling machine. Medical blister recycling machine is a good method for separating aluminum and plastics at present. Dry physical separation technology is adopted to break, separate, and sort the aluminum and plastic in the medical blister, and the purity of the final product can reach more than 99%.

Raw materials that can be processed by our medical blister recycling machine: waste medical blister, aluminum-plastic ceiling, aluminum-plastic packaging film, aluminum-plastic doors and windows, etc.

Working flow of the medical blister recycling machine:

1) Crushing: The waste medical blister will be crushed into small pieces, which is convenient for the next grinding and sorting;

2) Grinding: The crushed material enters the grinder for grinding. The circulating water cooling device is provided to avoid hot melt during the grinding process. And making preparation for the next part.

3) Sorting: Sure Origin's medical blister recycling machine is equipped with an electrostatic separator. According to the charge ability of aluminum and plastic, they will be well separated, and the purity can reach 99%.

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