Is it possible for the waste wire granulator to process different kinds of waste wires

Pubdate: 2020-03-04

Many customers would ask that is it possible for your granulator to process different kinds of waste wires? The answer is positive. 

Firstly, there are mainly 3 categories for waste wires, the category is “miscellaneous wires”, which is consists of data wires, headphone wires, and network wires, etc. The second category is "car wires", which refers to the disassembled wires from motorcycles or automobiles, collectively named “car wires”. The third category is "cables", which refers to various industrial cables and manufacturing cables. All these different waste wires can be processed by the waste wire granulator, but it needs the different configuration for the granulator. 

Generally, the miscellaneous wires and car wires are relatively thin. If you use our waste wire granulator for recycling, you need a high-voltage electrostatic separator. The high-voltage electrostatic separator can sort thin copper scrap wires. Its properties are sorted according to the different charging properties of metals and plastics. Because miscellaneous wires are mixed, it is not easy to separate it without the high-voltage electrostatic separator. On the other hand, the advantage of processing miscellaneous wires is that the price of waste miscellaneous wires is relatively low and the input cost is low.

If the raw material is thin waste cables with a diameter bigger than 20mm, so it can be sorted by our air separator, the theory is separating the material according to the different specific gravity of metal and plastic, the separation purity reaches 99%.

Apart from that, if your raw material is mixed with wires less than 3mm and wires 20mm, then you will have to use the high-voltage electrostatic separator and air separator all together, which can achieve higher efficiency, but also create higher profit. If you have more question about the raw material or our waste wire granulator, please contact us at any time, we will give you the most suitable solution for you.