How to judge the quality of the waste copper wire granulator?

Pubdate: 2020-03-16

How to judge the quality of the waste copper wire granulator? The professions from Sure Origin Group offer you the professional advice freely. 

With the continuous development of the waste copper wire granulator industry, the demand for the waste copper wire granulator has also continued to grow, and there are many types of the waste copper wire granulator and the waste copper wire granulator manufacturers in the market. It is difficult for customers to decide when buying the waste copper wire granulator, and It is difficult to judge the quality of the waste copper wire granulator. Let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the waste copper wire granulator as follow:

The materials for the waste copper wire granulator.

The main material for the waste copper wire granulator is steel, so first look at the steel when judging the quality of the waste copper wire granulator. The different quality of the steel used in the same waste copper wire granulator directly determines the quality of it, and directly affects the price. Generally, the good quality of steel looks thicker, and has a smooth surface, and high carbon content. It is can be recognized by experienced people. It is difficult for laymen to figure it out at the same time.

The workmanship of the waste copper wire granulator.

The main aspects of workmanship of the waste copper wire granulator are design and appearance of it. For example, checking whether the welding of steel plates is smooth, clean, and free of pores, the waste copper wire granulators with pores are prone to quality breakdown, because the waste wire inside the waste copper wire granulator move fast and have high centrifugal force, if the welding is not good, pores will cause cracks. Affects the service life of the waste copper wire granulator, on the contrary, the waste copper wire granulators with good workmanship are relatively stable and reliable.

The purchasing price of the waste copper wire granulator. 

Price is a reflection of the value. The price is proportional to the value. The price of the waste copper wire granulator is also directly related to its quality. A waste copper wire granulator with a slightly higher price will have better quality under the same circumstances, so customers should not choose machines if you pursue a good performance. Only paying attention to the price and ignoring the quality of the machine, the waste copper wire granulators with different prices often vary greatly, do not covet cheap and suffer economic losses later.

The reputation of the waste copper wire granulator manufacturer.

The strength of the manufacturers mainly refers to the comprehensive strength of the company's scale, technical ability, and professional level. Customers should fully understand the details of the manufacturer when choosing a waste copper wire granulator, and it is better to go to the factory for a site visiting when conditions permit. Look at its overview, workshop, production site and so on. Only a strong company can produce better quality equipment. In addition, you can go to his customer's site to understand the operation of the granulator production line, listen to the customer's evaluation of the equipment, and then make an order decision after that.

The after-sales service. 

When it comes to after-sales, this is closely related to the choice of manufacturer, so it is better to choose a large professional manufacturer, so that the after-sales can be guaranteed. Generally, manufacturers must know the quality of their granulators, so they will formulate a post-sale plan based on this situation. In general, regular manufacturers provide longer after-sale time and can guarantee a one-year warranty, but a few waste copper wire granulator manufacturers couldn’t , because without confidence in the quality of their products, they can only provide short-term warranty services, such as: half a year, three months, or shorter, which is a problem that customers need to pay attention to.

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