Is it feasible to build a aluminum-plastic recycling factory?

Pubdate: 2020-02-10

There are 3 main factors for you to consider, if it is high return of your investment? If your aluminum-plastic recycling machine is environmentally friendly? If it is easy to sell the final products? So if you got all positive answer for above 3 questions, you shall go ahead to do it. 

1.If it is high return of your investment?

The aluminum and plastic recycling machine has different capacity, different capacity has different investment and profit, so we take our 200kg/hour aluminum-plastic recycling machine.

So you may realize that this aluminum-plastic recycling machine business is very profitable according to above table.

2.If your aluminum-plastic recycling machine is environmentally friendly? 

The environmentally-friendly aluminum-plastic recycling machine adopts the dry physical separation technology in it, and will not produce pollution such as waste water and waste gas .

In addition, the environmentally-friendly aluminum-plastic recycling machine is equipped with  pulse dust removal device, which can realize fully enclosed operation without dust leakage, and realizes environmentally friendly and pollution-free operation and production, which meets the national air pollution emission standards

3.If it is easy to sell the final products?

The final products obtained by the aluminum-plastic recycling machine have a wide range of uses. Generally, the purity of aluminum and plastic separated by aluminum-plastic recycling machine can reach more than 99%, which can be sold directly to aluminum-plastic processing plants as raw materials. Common products are aluminum-plastic film, aluminum-plastic ceiling, aluminum-plastic doors and windows. At present, there is a great demand for aluminum-plastic raw materials in the market.

Above all, you probably have a clear mind for this business, if you need to buy a suitable aluminum-plastic recycling machine, feel free to contact us at any time.