How does the waste copper wire recycling machine works?

Pubdate: 2020-02-07

The waste copper wire recycling machine is to recycle the copper from the waste copper wire physically, the whole system includes 3 main parts. Let us introduce you the whole process part by part. 

The first one is the crushing system, the blade crusher will crash the waste copper wire into small pieces, the diameter will be 1mm~3mm. Our blade is made from the special alloy, which has a high wear-resistant during the long time running. 

And then the scrap material will be delivered by air conveying system into the cyclone, the cyclone is to reduce the dust and improve the purity of the copper, and the scrap material will be going into the air separator, so the plastic and the copper will be separated into different process. 

The copper will be further cleaned in our line vibration system, the final copper with high 99.9% purity is collected in this part, and the plastic can be collected in a separate tank. 

The last is the dust collecting system, the environmental protection is getting more and more attention all over the world, so we design this dust collecting system to protect the environment, we adopts the pulse dust collector, which can reduce the dust and meet the local government’s requirement. 

From Above 3 main parts, you can see all of our process is very easy operated and all of process is totally environmental friendly.

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