Waste copper wire recycling machine delivering to Bulgaria

Pubdate: 2020-09-14

Our waste copper wire recycling machine is ready for shipment, the capacity of it is 500~600kg per hour, it took about 2 weeks for the whole production, and the text running effect is qualified for shipment. 

Our customer is a machine dealer for many kinds of recycling machines, he also runs a recycling factory for the PCB board, his PCB recycling machine is also from our factory 5 years ago, we are in a good communication ever since his first purchase. This waste copper wire recycling he bought is for his old customer, he choose us again as his supplier, because of our excellent quality and after sale service as well. 

Sure Origin Group is trying our best to be a better manufacturer for E-waste recycling machines, we are glad to help anyone who are interested in the recycling business, welcome to contact us at any time, and you are also very welcome to visit us in China factory or Indian office.