How to recycle pure copper /aluminum from AC radiator with low investment?

Pubdate: 2020-09-28

Sure Origin Group, a over 18 years machine designer and manufacturer in E waste recycling industry. Our-self design Air Conditioner radiator separator is with integrated structure and high efficient working process.it can process various kinds of radiator ,such as AC radiator ,car radiator, water tank radiator and so on.Only 1 man is enough to operate it.

Our Separator can completely strip copper pipes inside the discarded copper aluminum air conditioning radiator, aluminum foils also keep the type of blocks, can strip the single-layer and double-layer copper pipes ,In the market, most of the radiator copper pipe center distance is 21MM, 25MM, and 19MM,but there's also others centerline distance,  we aslo can customized the size for you.

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