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Stainless steel stirring dryer

Stainless steel stirring dryer

Stainless steel stirring dryer can be widely used in: plastic pellets, crushed materials, plastic sheet materials, plastic new and old materials, even mixing by adding master batches etc. 

Application industry

Pipes and section bars, plastic building materials, plastic granulation, masterbatch manufacturing, recycling and processing of renewable materials and large-sized object injection molding. 


Structural feature


1. The charging barrel and spiral leaves are made of stainless steel, which can resist rust and can be easily cleaned. 

2. The rack is designed and manufactured with the frame, which is firm and durable. 

3. Overall processing after welding the propeller, high degree of concentricity and smooth operation. 

4. Upright operation, ground injection. 

5. Sealed stirring; even mixing, no leakage of materials. 

6. Small horsepower, large mixed materials, fast speed, evenly mixed in 3 to 5 minutes. 

7. The rack chassis is designed with the grease filling device with durable bearing. 

8. The heating part is heated by thermocouples, which can adjust the air volume and air supply of the fan and set up the automatic control of the temperature.

Technical parameter

 dimension (mm) Material Power (kw) Weight (kg)
SY-C-1000 Ф1380*3800 Stainless steel 15 1100
SY-C-2000 Ф1950*4280 Stainless steel 230 1800