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Single shaft shredder

Single shaft shredder

Scope of application 

Plastics - injection molding, extrusion, blown membrane and other general plastics, nose lump materials, etc. 

Wood - wood pallets, logs, bits and pieces of wood, etc. 

Paper – paper for files, wrapping paper, cardboard, etc. 

Cable - copper and aluminum core cable and composite cable 

Aluminum - cans, aluminum chips and so on 

Chemical fiber - carpet, labor protection clothing and so on 

Sponge - industrial waste and so on 

Composite materials - glass fiber products, auto windshield, sealing strips and so on 

Safety destroyed goods - imitation (counterfeit), unqualified products, expired products and so on 

Structural feature

It is suitable for material shredding with strong winding, a small amount of light metal objects in material are allowed 

The cost for using and maintaining the cutter is relatively low 

The price is relatively low compared with the dual-shaft shredder, three-shaft shredder and four-shaft shredder in the case of the same power 

Convenient to replace the cutter 

The size of the material can be adjusted according to the size of the aperture of the screen mesh 

Technical parameter

crushing chamber Rotor diameter Sieve hole diameter Rotating blade quantity Stationary blade quantity Power Weight
SY-C-600 1700*1130*1780 600*700 350 35-40 24 2 22 2000
SY-C-800 3100*1800*2200 800*800 400 40 40 4 37-55 3500