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Electrostatic sorting equipment

Electrostatic sorting equipment

Mainly used in aluminum plastic sorting: aluminum plastic sorting of aluminum plastic plates, flexible packaging, aluminum plastic tablet packaging materials, Wahaha caps, aluminum plastic wires and other aluminum plastic composite materials; copper plastic sorting: sorting of wires and cables, waste circuit boards and bits and pieces, copper plastic pipes and other copper plastic composite materials; other convenient sorting: metal ore sorting, fly ash decarbonization sorting, slag ash metal extraction, plastic and sand sorting, tea leaf and tea rod sorting, flaxseed fruit and shell sorting, and hair and other material sorting.

Structural feature


The equipment carries out sorting according to the conductivity of different materials in the closed high-voltage electric field and selects materials in accordance with different physical properties, and the sorting corona electric field uses stainless steel materials plus the special corona electrode to ensure the stability of the sorting electric field. 

Technical parameter

Model dimension
Rotary drum diameter
Sorting voltage
Particle requirements
SY-C-1000 1800*1350*3500 320 30-900 3.6 20-60000 0.01-4 1250
SY-C-1500 2300*1350*3500 320 30-900 5.5 20-70000 0.01-4 1500
SY-C-1800 2650*1350*3600 320 30-900 7.5 20-80000 0.01-4 1850