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Air conditioning radiator copper aluminum separator

Air conditioning radiator copper aluminum separator

Separation of waste air conditioning radiators and defective radiators of air conditioning radiator manufacturers, separation of discarded car cooling water tank copper pipes and aluminum foils, and the same equipment can handle copper and aluminum radiators of three different kinds of copper pipe spacing of single layer and double layer of 19mm, 21mm, 25mm.

Structural feature

Can completely strip copper pipes inside the discarded copper aluminum air conditioning radiator, aluminum foils also keep the type of blocks, can strip the production of single-layer and double-layer copper pipes by simply setting up the same machine, copper pipes and aluminum foils can be quickly separated with high efficiency and simple operation. In terms of safety, set up the light eye control at the inlet of materials, and when working, set up the position by hand, and the machine stops running. 

Technical parameter

Model External dimension
Blade quantity (Pcs) Diameter of blade (mm) Number of platens (per platen) Diameter of platen (mm) Power (kw) Weight (kg)
SY-C-850 1700*1000*1100 65 105+100 70 125 7 750
SY-C-1200 2100*1150*1100 117 105+100 121 125 7 1250