What is copper wire recycling machine?

Pubdate: 2020-11-12

copper wire recycling machine is also called copper granulation separation,it is mainly used for the recycling of waste copper wire, waste wire, waste cable, etc. In short, it is to crush these waste copper wire, wire and cable, and then separate the crushed copper from plastic, the whole separation can achieve the distribution and utilization after separation, so that our clients can make good earning from selling the copper and plastics.

Due to the separated copper looks as big as rice grains, All process is physical crushing and separation by air gravity,copper wire recycling machine is environmental protection mechanical product.

The characteristics of the copper wire recycling machine are as following: 1、High efficiency. the copper and plastic are efficiently separated with high economic benefits. 2. Low cost, fast investment return. 3. No pollution, environmental protection process 4. Integral combined structure, easy installation and transportation, and operation 5.Long span life and stable performance. If you want to start a low investment and high returning business, welcome to contact us at any time.