High efficiency aluminum copper wire recycling machine to create high revenue

Pubdate: 2020-11-12

Before you decided to start this business, Have you calculated the return on investment for the copper wire recycling machine?

Copper wire recycling machine apply to all kinds of scrap wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, such as automobile electric line, motorcycle electric line, storage battery electric line and so on.

Copper wire recycling business is a low cost high profit business. We take our 200kg/h copper wire recycling machine as example, Calculated based on eight hours of production per day, based on eight hours of production per day, remove the principle material cost, labor and power consumption the net profit per day is $ 808. So you may realize that this a copper wire recycling business is very profitable!!!

After having a preliminary understanding of the functions and return on investment of copper wire recycling machines, I think you can fully realize that there are a lot of profits waiting for us to develop in this industry. Please feel free to contact me for any questions .