Waste wire separation equipment | Why is the sales of dry copper rice machines so good?

Pubdate: 2021-04-15

It has been nearly ten years since the development of the waste wire separation machine for copper rice. Now the equipment still occupies a place in many solid waste recycling equipment. It will become more and more intense in 2021. Why can the dry copper rice machine exist for a long time? If the market is not eliminated, why can it be so hot?

Because waste wires and cables are aging every year, the recycling market resources are too huge, and many places have piled up waste wires. However, because of environmental protection requirements, these recyclers dare not use the method of burning copper in the past to process them. For copper and plastic, waste wire separation equipment | dry copper rice machine must be used. Therefore, in the treatment of waste wires and cables, the dry-type copper rice machine has brought greater opportunities to the recycling industry, and it has also made some people wealthy first.

What is the dry copper rice machine? The copper rice machine is used to process waste wires. The copper and plastic are recovered by crushing and then separating the copper and plastic. Because the copper is like rice grains, the manufacturer is called the copper rice machine. Moreover, because the copper rice machine can handle a wide range, such as square wire, motorcycle cable, communication wire, capillary wire, etc. or mixed miscellaneous wires can be easily processed, so it is also called miscellaneous wire copper rice machine, customers who deal with miscellaneous wires There are also many, they will choose this kind of dry environmental protection copper rice machine.

We attach great importance to each copper rice machine equipment, and strictly control the quality of the equipment, because we always know that if you want your product to gain a foothold in the market and develop for a long time, then it must have good quality. , Good service and good reputation are the foundation of enterprise development, and we have been adhering to this philosophy. We live up to the trust of our customers. We have been working hard to make every screw invested by our customers play its due value. Therefore, this is why our dry powder copper rice machine has been in the market for a long time and will not be eliminated!

There are 400, 600, 800, 1000 types of copper rice machine. The larger the model, the more materials can be processed per hour. The smaller the model, the smaller the processing capacity. Each customer can charge according to their own budget and venue. Raw materials, etc. to choose the equipment model that suits you. Due to the large market demand for copper rice machines and many customers, there are more and more manufacturers producing copper rice machines. Fierce competition has created differences in quality and prices. This is a warning to the majority of people who want to invest in copper rice machines. Customers, you can’t buy a copper rice machine for cheap. Don’t think that everything looks the same, just buy the cheap one. What we buy is not a decoration, but a good equipment to create benefits. If you want to buy it cheaply, it will affect the performance of the copper rice machine. The loss caused by unclean separation or two-day repairs is the customer's own. In short, choose the local manufacturer for the copper rice machine. The selection is very important for the manufacturer. If you need it, you can contact us.