Copper wire granulator

Pubdate: 2021-04-20

The dry-type copper rice machine is a waste wire recycling tool that will not be outdated. Why do you say that? The production quantity of dry copper rice machine ranks first in the country. The equipment produced has a wide range of varieties, types and good quality. It is the best choice for users in the renewable resource industry.

Dry copper rice machine equipment adopts three-in-one dust removal equipment, cyclone dust removal, bag dust removal and air purifier dust removal, which effectively handles the problem of dust pollution. Dry copper rice machines continue to break in terms of quality. The equipment has many advantages such as high degree of automation, low manual utilization, low pollution, large output, and high efficiency. Various types of dry copper rice machines have essential differences. The dry copper rice machine not only has the characteristics of high recovery rate, but also has many advantages such as novel structure, convenient equipment, simple operation and saving electricity costs. In addition, the dry copper rice machine can destroy waste wires and cables with different sizes and diameters without separating them. The use of high-strength hydraulic equipment enhances the forced grinding speed of materials and greatly improves the fineness and output of the products. , Other equipment cannot be replaced, and the separation effect is very high.

The dry copper rice machine uses dry crushing and separation, so that raw materials such as waste cables and wires are crushed into a mixture of metal and plastic, and then the metal and plastic are separated through sorting. The dry-type copper rice machine uses a multi-machine combination structure to feed at one time, and the multi-machine is completed, equipped with active conveying, sound insulation technology, cooling system, etc., to reach the separation and recovery of metal and plastic. The dry copper rice machine has the characteristics of low noise, large output, and strong innovation. The copper in the cable separated and recovered by the dry-type copper metering machine can maintain the original copper quality, and can also recover the advantages of plastic, which can produce greater economic benefits.
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