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Waste PCB boards recycling machine delivered to India

We sure origin group delivered one set of PCB recycling machine 200-300kg per hour capacity to our Indian client. Here are two machine delivery picture.

Our Indian client ordered our advanced design including crusher and high voltage electrostatic separator,the metal recovery rate is high, and the purity of recycled metals is higher than 99%. here is a machine picture full view.

PCB boards recycling machine is developed in combination with advanced technology at home and abroad. The PCB boards recycling machine?adopts advanced physical recovery process; the crusher and high-voltage electrostatic separator developed by the our company are innovative.The PCB boards recycling machine?can mechanically pulverize and recycle all kinds of waste printed circuit boards.

Our Indian client talked to us from beginning to end and also visited our other indian client’s factory, he is very happy for our technology and service. Hereby we wish they make a big money by using our Waste PCB boards recycling machine.if you also need Waste PCB boards recycling machine,welcome to contact us at any time.