Small scale waste copper wire recycling machine shipping to India

Pubdate: 2020-08-21

Our small scale waste copper wire cycling machine is on the way to India, before the delivery, we did a test running in our workshop, which is our regular shipping policy. All of the machine will be shipped to our customer only if the text running is successfully. 

Our Indian customer is from Hyderabad city, he is new to this business. Our sales help him to do a very careful investigation for this business. Since we have many old customers in India, so our sales are very clear about the market for this business, and we also ask our old Indian customer to help him to source the raw material with a very good price, and help him to find the selling ways for him. 

After 2 months of investigation, our Indian customer decided to do this project, he intended to process 1 tone per hour of raw material, but he decided to start from small scale, because he has no experience in this field. So we suggested him to buy our 100~150kg/hour waste copper wire recycling machine. 

He is happy with our service, so he didn’t hesitate to choose us as his partner, not only our price and quality is better,, but also we offering him a whole solution for this project, he is very confident about this business. 

Sure Origin Group is a professional manufacturer for many kinds of E-waste recycling machines with 17 years of experience. We would like to help anyone who is interested in this business, we not only sell you machines with good quality, but also offering a whole business plan for you. Welcome to contact with us at any time, thanks.