PCB Dismantling machine shipped to Guangxi Province China

Pubdate: 2020-08-03

Our Chinese customer Mr. Wang ordered a PCB Dismanlting machine on 15th of July, and our factory worked overtime to produce this machine within one week. Now Mr. Wang has got his machine on field. His machine will be start to work soon right after he complete the power supply. 

Mr. Wang is a dealer for PCB scraps, who has been doing this kind of business for 12 years in his local region. Due to the influence of the virus, the profit for dealing the PCB board is less and less, so he decided to make it more profitable. One of the best solutions with low investment is to remove the core components from the PCB, and sell all these components as second hand products. 

The main problem for this dismantling process is to reduce the broken rate, so how to reduce it? So you need to choose a good design dismantling machine, as we all know that this machine adopts the melting process, if your machine cannot control the temperature well, then you will lose more fine components, thus your you can just deal it as garbage, your profit will at big loss.

As a professional manufacturer with 17 years, we have a lot of experience on designing and actual operating, we learned a lot from the mistakes, and improved our machines with a better performance. Now our machine has got many reputation among our customers in many countries. Welcome to contact with us if you are interested in our products.