Low investment with high profit environmental-friendly aluminum-plastic material recycling machine

Pubdate: 2020-11-23

In our daily life, every day will produce a lot of aluminum plastic garbage.This year, in particular, the world is generating excess medical waste because of COVID-19. So the question is, how can we effectively recycle and utilize this waste, turn it into treasure, and bring you wealth at the same time!

Our Hot Sale PVC Aluminum Separator ACP Recycle Machine can be used for recycling all kinds of aluminum and plastic composite such as medical blister, aluminum plastic plate, aluminum plastic foil, and aluminum plastic package bags,etc.

The aluminum and plastic materials firstly crushed by the knife crusher into 10mm pieces, and then grinding by the water cooling turbo type grinding machine into aluminum and plastic fine powders. Then separated by the rotary screen, the big size will back into the grinding machine and the fine powders will into the electrostatic separator, finally the aluminum and plastic would be separated.Then you can sell both of them at a high price.

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