High profit & Environment friendly Waste circuit board electronic component dismantling machine

Pubdate: 2020-12-02

In our daily life, there are always many all kinds of electric appliances, such as computers, TV, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. So do you know how to make full use of these appliances and turn them into wealth when they are discarded ?

In these waste electrical appliances, there are a lot of circuit boards.Circuit board component dismantling machine is used to deal with all kinds of waste circuit board , is a new kind of environmental protection machine.

Final products of Waste circuit board electronic component dismantling machine is electronic components include Tin slags,IC chips,Capacitors,CPU/RAM etc.

It has many Advantages: 1.Environmental friendly,all of the process with waste gas purification system. 2.High efficient,to remove tin and components from the same process. 3.Easy operation and less land occupation. 4.Advanced and automatic Design,automatic temperature control for heating device and automatic set for keeping operation temperature.

This machine is in line with the concept of sustainable development today, is also a green industry, but also create unlimited wealth for you.

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