High voltage electrostatic separator 300kg/h shipped to our Chinese client

Pubdate: 2020-10-21

In October 18, 2020, we just shipped one set SY-C-1500 high voltage electrostatic separator to one Chinese client, t As an over 18 years manufacturer, we keep innovation in our machine technology and design. Our chinese client bought our crushing machine before to recycle PCB scraps. Now to increase more profit, he bought our machine again. he can make good earning by using our High voltage electrostatic separator. After separation,the metal power will be collected fast from resin powder. And he can sell metal power to local melting factory.

High voltage electrostatic separator can separate different materials according to the conductivity of different materials in the closed high-voltage electric field and selects materials in accordance with different physical properties. It can be used in aluminum plastic mixture separation,copper plastic mixture separation and other metal-non metal mixture separation. If you need. Welcome to talk to us at any time.