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Copper wire gravity separator and PCB component dismanlting machine ready for our Indian client

In November 5, 2020, we have made trial running test for our Indian client. They bought our copper wire gravity separator system with 100-200kg/hour capacity and PCB components dismanlting machine with 300kg/h capacity.

copper wire gravity separator/Aluminum and Copper wire recycling machine is used to recycle copper cable scrap and aluminum cable scraps and copper wires to get pure copper particles and plastic particles.

Waste circuit board electronic component dismantling machine is used to dismantle the electronic components from waste circuit boards, CCL,waste computer mother boards, waste cell phone motherboards, waste TV boards and PCB scrap etc.

Sure Origin Group is a 18 years leading and professional manufacturer in rubber waste recycling and electronic waste recycling machines.

we mainly produce 9 types of different E waste recycling machines,including Aluminum and Copper wire recycling machine,PCB Circuit board recycling machine,PCB gold stripping machine,Waste circuit board electronic component dismantling machine,Aluminum plastic board and medical blister recycling machine,Large scale,copper and aluminum radiator separator,Air condition radiator copper aluminum separator,Mixed plastics electrostatic separation machine,Plastic,silica gel and rubber electrostatic separation machine, our products are certificated by CE and ISO,and our own design applied patent certificate.

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