Why choose Sure Origin Group Copper wire recycling machine

Pubdate: 2020-12-28

Copper wire recycling machine is used to recycle copper cable wire scraps and aluminum cable scraps to get pure copper particles and plastic particles.

If you want to know if the Copper wire recycling machine is good or not, you need to know the quality of the crusher ,belt conveyor, air gravity and pulse dust collector .

The crusher machine includes two parts, blade and sieve.

  1. Sure Origin Group Crusher machine’ blade is SKD-11, this is the best quality blade. But many other factories Crusher blade maybe are 9CrSi,Cr12MoV,D2 etc. Compared to those other factories ,our Crusher machine only use blade SKD-11.

2. Sure Origin Group Crusher machine’s sieve is stainless steel, and its thickness is at least 3-4mm.

3.Sure Origin Group Belt conveyor is good to dissipate heat generation during the machine operation , and also can see the separation of materials. It is very convenient to clean and maintain the machine. But some other factories are still old equipments and they have no belt conveyors. So it will reduce machine life and not easy to operate.

In the same capacity condition, Sure Origin Group Air gravity separator can get higher pure copper, the pure copper content up to 99.9%, but other factories machine can only get 95%.

so you will get high profit by our Copper wire recycling machine .

4.Sure Origin Group Pulse dust collector is fully automatic, it is totally different from those other factories’ manual bag dust removal. some factories still use the manual bag dust removal. Those other factories’ manual bag dust removal needs your workers to change and wash the bags frequently . Our pulse dust collector will clean dust automatically during the machine operation and save your working time and finally bring you high profit.

We are an 18 year manufacturer of copper wire recycling machine. So we have more mature and experienced technology support and machines. Some of the machines in the other companies may look similar to ours, but they are more expensive and their machines are less productive than ours.

Since there is a better choice, why not choose our Sure Origin Group Machine?