The analysis of PCB circuit board recycling machine

Pubdate: 2021-01-28

It is observed in recent years that large volume of e-waste is being exported from western countries to Asian countries like China, India, etc.
Every year, millions of electronic products including waste PCBs are obsoleted.

The populated PCBs contain valuable metals like gold, silver, copper, and other precious metals like palladium, tantalum etc.

The unscientific and UNHY-Gienic methods, used for extracting the metals, are harmful to the workers and the environment.

PCB recycling machine is designed specially for recycling e -waste circuit boards to into metals and nonmetal materials ,It can be used to recycle scrap printed circuit boards, CCL (copper-clad plate), the leftover materials from the PCB , computer boards, TV boards, and the waste motherboards generated from all kinds of electric appliance.

Our PCB recycling machine adopts dry type and physical crushing, separation and dedusting methods, which can keep no pollution to the environment. And the high pressure electrostatic separation combined with air separation process, which can purify approximately 99% metal powder.

To Convert the Waste PCBs into Wealth

After separation of 1000KG PCBs, you can get different valuable recycled metals , the following table is for your reference:

We have shipped many sets of PCB circuit board recycling machine to more than 30 countries from the past to now , including Egypt , India ,Mexico , Malaysia , Thailand etc. we will always do our best to provide you the best service .