The aluminum-plastic separation and recycling machine can decompose the plastic particles and aluminum particles in the aluminum-plastic panel

Pubdate: 2021-04-29

With the continuous increase of waste aluminum-plastic composite materials, how to deal with these garbage has become the main point of everyone's consideration. Sure Origin Group produced plastic separation and recovery device can be a good deal with this problem. The equipment adopts a completely dry physical separation method, which can successfully separate the aluminum-plastic composite material into aluminum and plastic completely, without causing secondary environmental pollution, and has good social and economic benefits.

Plastic separation and recovery device to a combined structure of a multi machine, equipped with an automatic transmission, noise technology, cooling system, one can achieve feeding, multi completed, to achieve separation and recovery of metal and plastic working. The aluminum in the waste recovered by the aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment can maintain the original aluminum quality, and can also recycle plastics, making good use of these resources and generating greater economic benefits. The aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment uses aluminum-plastic grinding powder and high-voltage electrostatic separation technology to process various aluminum-plastic mixtures and aluminum-plastic composites, and the metal recovery rate is higher. The aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment is also equipped with our company's dust removal device, which is a bag dust removal device that effectively solves the problem of dust pollution.

At present, all kinds of waste aluminum-plastic panels, aluminum-plastic tubes, aluminum-plastic flexible packaging, etc. are everywhere on the market. We can use aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment to process these waste materials, which not only improves our resource utilization rate, but also very well. Solve the problem of environmental pollution.

Aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment has mature separation technology, easy operation, low investment and quick results. The aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment can directly separate aluminum and plastic in various medicine boards and aluminum-plastic boards. Because aluminum-plastic composites, mixtures, and waste cannot be pelletized, and they are not easy to recycle, they pollute the environment and waste resources. After the emergence of the aluminum-plastic separation and recycling equipment produced by Sure Origin Group, it has solved the situation that various waste aluminum-plastics cannot be recycled, alleviated the pollution caused by waste, solved the problem of resource recycling, and well protected the environment. Considerable economic benefits.