Special discount on copper wire recycling machines

Pubdate: 2020-12-16

To celebrate the coming of the double festival, we are offering special discounts on SY-C--400 copper wire recycling machines. Unprecedented discounts is waiting for your orders now!

Sure origin group’s copper wire recycling machine, feeding material scope is all kinds of waste copper wire,copper cable scrap and aluminum cable scraps and copper wires, automobile electrical wire ,car wire, motorcycle electric wire, computer wire and communication cables etc with diameter from 0.3mm to 20mm.

SY-C--400 copper wire recycling machine is feed rate 100-150kg/h, the best-selling machine,factory low price with the best quality.

These are pictures of SY-C--400 copper wire recycling machine,No matter from which point of view, its workmanship is very precise.

The final product of Aluminum and Copper wire recycling machine is copper particles or aluminum particle and plastics particles.

Besides, sure origin group has many other designs of SY-C-400 machines with different styles.

We can also customize models according to customers' preferences.These are pictures of our other designs of SY-C-400 machines ,Very good and perfect Work structure.

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