PCB Recycling Process

Pubdate: 2021-03-01

The components on the circuit board contain gold, especially the CPU contains a lot of gold, how to extract it, let's introduce the method of extracting gold from the circuit board for your reference!

First, separate the components on the raw material waste board from the substrate PCB. It is mainly separated by high temperature heating at 260-350 degrees.

The decomposed chips are sorted, the CPU is extracted separately, and the power cord is cut off at the same time to reduce the volume of the extracted material and improve the extraction efficiency.

The dismantled components should be further subdivided, mainly distinguishing CPU, north and south bridge chips, gold-plated pins, etc.

For the CPU, north and south bridge chips, gold-plated pins, gold is mainly used to carry out by aqua regia, and you will get the sponge gold.

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