How to quickly separate the plastic skin from the copper wire inside the old wire?

Pubdate: 2021-03-18

Copper rice machine processing waste cable is a relatively advanced environmental protection technology, from the 1980s in the United States and other industrial developed countries began to apply.Advanced copper rice machine has a good effect in treating waste cable. After a series of processing means, pure copper rice particles and plastics can be obtained from waste cable.

At present, there are many cheap copper rice machine on the market, these cheap copper rice machine after the use of high residual copper in waste plastic, not only reduce the recovery of copper, but also reduce the use of waste plastic grade, while causing pollution to the environment.

Now our sure Origin Group recommends a collection of a variety of advanced technology and a body, improve production efficiency, no dust no secondary pollution, play a role in protecting the environment of the copper rice machine, if you want to further understand, you can contact us.