How to identify the quality of the waste cable granulator?

Pubdate: 2020-06-29

Many customers might has a confusion when they are trying to buy the waste cable granulator from China. How to identify the quality of the waste cable granulator?

Our sales engineer is giving you some suggestions according to their experience.

There are many types of waste cable granulator in Chinese market, but their price vary. When you have an offer with a pretty low price which is much lower than the average, you may need to think twice before making any decision. 

As we all know that the quality of the machine is very important, if you spend much more time on maintainence of your machine, you will lost money on that, especially for the fresh starters. 

Firstly, you need to find out the weight of the machine, because this waste cable granulator has vibrating process, if your machines is too light, it will make a big noise and vibration of the whole body, so the granulator need a timely maintainence much often than others’. On the other hand, it means that this machine didn’t fabricated with enough steel, it is much easier for it to fall apart sooner or later. So pay more attention on the weight of the machine. 

Secondly, the quality of the blade is also very important, as you know that the blade of this waste cable granultor is spare part, it needed to be changed timely, and the prices for the good quality blade and normal blade has huge different. The normal blade needs to be change almost every 10 tones raw material of processing. So you need to make it clear that what kind of the blade of the quoted granulator. 

Last but not the least, the after sale service is also important, some of the company offer you a very low price, but they cannot fulfill their promise after your purchase, so you will pay much more time and money on the installation and maintenance of the machine, so it is also important to choose an trustful supplier as a partner. 

Sure Origin Company’s waste cable granulator has gained many highly reputation from many countries, such as India, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Nigeria, etc. Now our branch office in India has already in service, your are welcome to visit our demo machine in there.