Dry powder miscellaneous wire copper recycling machine

Pubdate: 2021-04-01

Dry powder miscellaneous wire copper recycling machine is specialized in processing various kinds of cables below Φ20mm, such as automobile cables, communication cables, and various miscellaneous cables. After crushing and processing, It can completely separate copper and plastic, and achieve the purpose of comprehensive utilization, which has high economic benefits. And no dust and no secondary pollution. In addition, the equipment has an integral combined structure, which is easy to install and debug, and it is also convenient to transport. After the customer purchases it, it can be produced when the power is turned on, and the performance is stable.

The processing of waste cables by the copper recycling machine is a relatively advanced technology, which has been applied in developed countries such as the United States in the 1980s. The technologically advanced copper recycling machine is effective in processing waste cables. After the waste cables are processed through a series of processing methods, pure copper particles and plastics can be obtained.