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Copper wire recycling machine, aluminum – plastic board grinding machine and water – cooled crusher are ready for our Chinese client

On December 07,2020, we just sent a set of Small copper wire recycling machine, aluminum - plastic board grinding machine and water - cooled crusher to our Chinese client.

Copper wire recycling machine is a new kind of environmental friendly machine,which is in line with the current trend of sustainable development,also is a low cost investment with high profit.

Aluminum - plastic board grinding machine Can be dealt with all kind of aluminum plastic composite panels, aluminum plastic ceilings, leftover bits and pieces of aluminum plastic decorative plates, aluminum plastic leftover,aluminum and plastics in food, tablet aluminum-plastic packaging materials, aluminum-plastic scraps and all kinds of aluminum-plastic composite materials etc.

It is a green environmental project which also create wealth for you,give you a way to turn waste into treasure.

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