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Copper wire granulator is ready for Malaysia Customer

August 13, 2020, we had a successful running test for our copper wire granulator in our factory, our Malaysian customer cannot came to our factory for checking the running test himself because of the virus, so we took a video of it, and he is very happy about the running performance of his machine. 

He runs a big recycling factory in his local city, he got plenty of waste copper cables every day, he used to resell all these waste copper wires to others, but now he want to do the recycling himself, because there is a encouraging policy from his local government for this recycling business, that’s why he decided to do this project. 

He can collect almost 10 tones of raw material each day, but he decided to start from a small scale Copper wire granulator, he said that he didn’t have many experience of this project, so he want to start from small, and expand the capacity 3 months later if the machine runs as he wished. 

Till now, he is happy to choose us as his supplier, and we also would like to help him with our 17 years’ experience. Hopefully, he will get his machine in the end of August, our engineer team will teach him how to operate the machine. 

Sure Origin Group is a professional manufacturer for E-waste recycling plants, you are welcome to contact us any time if you have idea to do a recycling business, we will help you as much as we can.