Copper cable wire stripping machine

Pubdate: 2021-03-25

In order to increase production needs, factory equipment is constantly updated and replaced. For discarded industrial equipment, which is too heavy to be dragged, many people don’t know how to deal with it. In fact, recycling can solve this problem. But for recycled equipment, not all of them are available. The recycling of used equipment means the recycling and reuse of resources. With the continuous use of mechanical equipment.

In recycling and processing waste wires and cables, we mainly want to obtain the non-ferrous metal copper in it. Therefore, we have to ask how to deal with the waste wires and cables we recycle. No matter which method, the ultimate goal is to separate the copper from the wire skin. open. With this result, we have the waste wire and cable treatment methods such as burning, peeling, crushing, freezing and so on.

Mechanical peeling method: This method uses wire-stripping machine equipment, which is a semi-mechanized operation, requires a labor, and is labor-intensive. More importantly, this method is only applicable to some single-strand square wires and cable wires. If we recycle raw materials such as automobile wires, home wires, network wires, and electronic wires, it is not suitable to use wire strippers.

Next, our Sure Origin Group will give you a detailed analysis and introduction of dry copper rice machine and wet copper rice machine equipment, so that friends who are engaged in the waste wire and cable processing business have a deeper understanding and choices.