Air conditioning radiator copper and aluminum separator

Pubdate: 2021-01-21

Air conditioning radiator copper and aluminum separator is suitable for the separation of waste air conditioning radiators, defective radiators from manufacturers of air conditioning radiators, and the copper pipes and aluminum foils of radiator water tanks of scrapped automobiles. It can process both single layer and double layer copper and aluminum radiator with three pipe spacing like 19mm, 21mm, 25mm by simple settings.

The air-conditioning radiator copper-aluminum separator can completely peel off the copper inside the scrapped copper-aluminum air-conditioning radiator, and the aluminum foil still keeps the block shape. In production, the copper tube and the aluminum foil are separated quickly, with high efficiency and simple operation.

In terms of safety, the feeding port is adopting the light eye control. During working, the machine will stop when hands reach to the set position.

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