400~500kg/hour PCB recycling plant in Foshan City,China

Pubdate: 2020-07-11

In the end of the June, our customer from Foshan finally got his plant for processing PCB, Mr. Wang has been doing all kinds of recycling in Foshan for many years, he also bought many kinds of recycling machines for different materials, so he has very strict requirement for this PCB recycling plant.  

It took him long time to investigate many suppliers in China for this PCB recycling machine, and also visited many of them before the purchase, we are the one of them. But after a long consideration, he decided to choose us as his partner, because he want to work with a supplier who has many years of experience in manufacturing for PCB recycling machine, and the supplier must has his own professional engineering team. So we are the only choice for him. 

Sure Origin Group has been doing this business over 17 years, we have our own engineering team and after-sale team, we are willing to cooperate with anyone in the world who want to do the recycling project, let us to work together to make the world a better place.