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1000kg/h PCB Circuit board recycling machine installed in Russia

Our 1000kg/h PCB Circuit board recycling machine has been installed successfully in the Russia. This client knows China very well. He is the one of the biggest E-waste collector in the Russia, has been doing this business over 20 years.

He used to buy a PCB Circuit board recycling machine in Germany before, but the running condition of the machine didn’t reach his requirement. So he came to China for the second purchase for the Circuit board recycling machine. He compared at least 3 manufacturers with Sure origin Group, but he finally choose us as his partner. Because he focus on the craft and running effect very much, he went to our workshop to check every part of the production, and was very satisfied with our quality. 

We singed the contract directly after the visit in our Chinese factory, and ship out his machine after 20 days. Now his machine is at good service, and we are keeping a very good relationship each other.